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With the rise in technology we can now predict the movement of stocks with more knowledge than ever before. With this comes problems, such as formulating a well disciplined risk management plan and making sure that it is adhered to. This is where we come in. Not only do we provide analysis for stock markets but also publish guides on wealth protection and risk management techniques that can help your profits.

As with anything, caution must be the foreword when it comes to risking money in the market. Make sure you understand when and where you should exit from your trades should anything go wrong. Read our guides and help.

Technical analysis techniques are also covered. We go into depth about moving averages, oscillators such as relative strength and momentum. But also into stock chart patterns such as double bottoms, falling wedges and more. Chart patterns are the lifeblood of any successful strategy and making yourself familiar with them is essential to stay ahead of the herd.


Guides and Help

We provide guides to technical analysis and risk strategies. Useful case studies from real traders who are active in the markets each and every day.



Get serious education on the stock market, and how to act should things go wrong. You will find real useful guidance within our site.